Explosive Growth for Early Stage Startups

First of all, we are not a marketing agency.

Think of us as a Startup Marketing Accelerator.

We act as your fractional CMO and outsourced Marketing team to get your startup from zero to one.

Our focus lies on Seed and Pre-Seed stage startups and helping you set up your company for a Series A funding round.

We support early stage startups and their founders in developing the first marketing strategy, building a marketing team and setting up the marketing infrastructure for continuous growth and fundraising.

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Step 1: Get ready

You have the seed, a Proof-of-Concept, maybe even a few customers, but now you need to ramp up your marketing to meet those goals set by your future investors.

Step 2: Heat up

popcorn23 is your microwave. Run your startup through our marketing machine and come out the other end as a beautiful high-growth popco.. uhm, startup!

Step 3: Explode

Financing secured. You're now officially a venture backed startup with millions in funding. It's now time for you to build your own, internal marketing team.

When you need us

You're a Technical Founder

As technical founders you might lack marketing skills that are important even while building your product to reach product-market-fit.

You're too early for a Full Time CMO

Full time marketing executives are not cheap. We come in as your fractional CMO and help you build your marketing team and strategy.

You're preparing for a Series A

You have certain marketing goals that you need to reach to get your Series A funding? We've been there. We'll make sure you get there too.

How we work

1. Audit & Goals

In the first step we get to know each other in a call, analyze your current situation, talk goals, budget and a general game plan.

2. Strategy Session & Plan

With the infos from step 1, we come up with different possible strategies, discuss them with you and design a plan for the next 3-6 months.

3. Implementation

Lastly, we set up your marketing and implement the strategy. We have a team of specialists and will help you recruit your own.

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Meet your Fractional CMO

Fabián Dominguez


Cost Comparison


20.000 - 30.000

CHF/€/$ per month

Part Time In-House Team

Full time CMO, part time Junior employees, interns, agency



CHF/€/$ per month

Fully Outsourced Marketing

Fractional CMO + flexible team of specialists

Why popcorn23?

You get:

Some Success Stories

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Strategy Workshop



Go-To-Market Strategy Plan

Up to 4 hours of workshop and a Go-To-Market Strategy Plan for the first 3-6 months.

Team popcorn23


CHF/€/$ per month

Strategy, Consulting, Execution

Fractional CMO, custom team of specialists. Fully outsourced marketing department.

Need something else?


CHF/€/$ per month

Whatever you need

Let's hop on a call and see what we can do for each other!

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